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Today we will talk about the album, which you, gentlemen and comrades, asked to listen to and review, but personally I did not burn with a special desire to listen to these guys because of their often grayish and cliche sound and stereotypical female vocals, which in complex offers quite adequate gothic rock or gothic metal, but it cannot go any further. So, looking ahead, I dare say that with this release – the same story. I can not say anything bad about the album for the simple reason that it is really not bad, but not good either. Now I’ll try to quickly explain why, because I’m not going to get too much into its account.

This is Within Temptation – a metal band from the Netherlands, which for me stood somewhere on the outskirts of gothic metal, especially among those that contained female vocals. Yes, this is another case where I am biased towards women in metal, but even with my snobbishness, I give credit to the awesome Lacuna Coil or Nightwish albums, which, in addition to good-sounding female vocals, managed to provide not only heavy sound, but also really outstanding instrumental performances. Maybe I was wrong, so I want to ask you, gentlemen, what album of these guys should I listen to in order to change my opinion about their work?

This album is called “Resist”, and on the cover of the album we obviously have a resistor in a raincoat on the background of a cyberpunk city in the dark and raindrops. That is, as you can understand, I like the cover art of this release much more than anything else. There is at least some kind of creative personality. Conceptually, it seems to me that the album can safely go on the shelf under the column “rally and resist,” because we have nothing in the content except for motivational speeches about freedom and the struggle for it.

In general, as you yourself know, I do not see anything bad in such a conceptual-semantic content, if it is presented in a manner that is skillful and with a good share of either artistry or emotionality. That is, if the given texts were presented by a frank protest, which the group carries in itself, or it would be symbolic, metaphorical and would say something about the current reality in the world – then I would not mind. But the text does not speak that way. Instead, the text of each of the tracks can be guessed by its title, because the title of each of the tracks is repeated in the text most of all and everything revolves around the title in an attempt to remain remembered by the listeners. I don’t know how to whom, but personally I threw a little bit into a yawn from such a text that is predictable in advance. And yes, rare attempts of symbolism, as in the track Supernova, are not very saving.

A similar situation is with the instrumental, because the only more or less individual and original component of this album’s music were the vocals. The vocal lines are made on a great level, albeit simple, but it is here that I am ready to agree that it’s better than reinventing the wheel and offering some crap in the vocals. Thank God, there were no triplet flows, and thanks for that. The guest vocalists were especially pleasing to hear, because Shaddix sounded better than in the entire latest album of Papa Roach, and Friden sounded as usual sounds everywhere, but it didn’t bother me, honestly. That is, frankly speaking, the strongest side of the album is in vocal.

Instrumental – the opposite situation. It is completely sterile, plastic and predictable. Guitar parts = fifths, which alternate in a so cliche pattern that they do not distinguish between tracks. Synths inserts sometimes save the situation, but do not add originality. Honestly, even in the grooves of the drums there had more individuality and some creative impact than in guitars. In general, the instrumental cannot be called carrying any musical meaning, but it can be called quite a decent arrangement in support of vocal parts. Generally, if the vocals are cut and pasted into another instrumental, they will lay down well there, which was demonstrated by alternative versions of the album tracks in its deluxe version.

In other words, the album is the musical fast-food that is made on the basis of a template and a formula. Made sensibly so it will serve you as a good background for everyday affairs. I don’t think for something more, although I give credit to the sensible vocal parts, on which the album sounded at least mediocre. 2.5 out of 5.

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