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Today we will talk about an album of the band, from which I did not expect anything, to be honest. At one time, I was more than pleased with the previous release of this group, but the outgoing singles from the new album did not impress me until the very last moment, when the album was released in full. It was then that I had a certain understanding of how good this release is, despite the sharply social texts that I personally already tired of hearing in modern music. But this is me (snob, as usual), however, I pay tribute to the guys from the group for the work done, because they made a really, really good and high-quality album, which I would like to recommend to fans of melodic metalcore and/or related genres.

This is WSS (While She Sleeps) – the British melodic metalcore band, which we already discussed in a review of their previous album You Are We, which I very much appreciated at the time for its melodiousness and very competent songwriting, and despite my issue with the feature-track with Oli Sykes, I was very pleased with the release as a whole, almost from the first audition. With this album, which is called “SO WHAT?” was a slightly different story, because I was not impressed in any way by the ANTI-SOCIAL and GUILTY PARTY singles, just because of their acute social content and the call to open their eyes wider, look around the whole mess and chaos around, rally and confront all external and internal oppressors. So, with the release of the album as a whole, I was about the same in vague doubts about the whole album on these topics of socialism and the struggle for and against. However, with subsequent regular auditions, certain interesting phrases and verbal turns began to cling to me, which were very well played up and taught in the aforementioned concept. Additionally, I am ready to forgive this very promise just because the vocal and instrumental work in terms of songwriting and performance here is made really at a very high level.

The cover art is pretty simple: a white picture with a red question mark painted with a paint can, and in the background we see white speakers. I see this as a fairly simple meaning for everyone, say, the group through its music expresses doubts, asks questions and expresses protest to current social injustices and problems. At the same time, the text does not specifically indicate that there is any particular problem or tells a certain “story of one life” like some bands like Rise Against do (I am aware that the genre is different, they are just one of the clearest examples of social music). So what and how does the text of this album speak?

And our text speaks quite extensively and with hints about everything and about nothing specifically, which I already like. Surely you already know from my previous reviews that I don’t really like too straightforward, personal, and “what I see, I sing” types of texts. Here we see a text about a specific internal reaction to the modern world and social interactions about it. The hero of the album reflects on everything at once and gives out his questions and doubts in the corresponding tracks, saying that he is “not antisocial, he is just against bs” in the track Anti-Social, says that “so what if I will die young or live forever? if at the moment everything that I love dies, let’s die together! ” in the title track or he “doesn’t need to feel like he can’t do this on his own.” Moreover, these phrases are given without any specifics and characteristics of some problem, but we understand that the track “Inspire” is a call for an eco-friendly lifestyle, the track “Elephant” has enough references to anti-militarism, “Gates of Paradise” is about an appeal to the breakthrough of all possible foundations and the struggle of the hero for the fact that he could live the way he wants, and not as imposed by others. Nevertheless, the text is again very nicely seasoned with religious motifs, because the above track specifically says that “at the gates of paradise we are waiting for our names to be called”, other tracks seriously mention angels and demons, and the current social order is often called the “godless empire.”

I can not say that I am delighted with the religious husks and social impulses of the text of the album, but I am glad that just because of its multilayered nature, the text can be perceived differently, because each listener can really find something of his own and hook on his ear a certain phrase that may seem interesting to him or may even somehow affect him. And yes, the music is very helpful to the text in terms of memorization and easy consumption.

I am very satisfied with the music content of the album very, very much, that is why I consider it the strongest component of the album. Of course, I liked listening with the 5th attempt, which is already quite a lot, because at first the album sounded rather grayish and cliche-ish, but I had the feeling that I was not bored listening to the album once again and that I began to remember the most key pieces of tracks . First of all, the guys with music content are very, very cool, because they even managed to cram a triple read into the first track of the album. And even though for the most part we hear quite traditional melodic metalcore and posthardcore guitar lines in rhythm parts, it is the guitar-solo parts and vocals that bring the instrumental to a completely different level. So, chants in the chorus of almost each of the tracks work more than great and just emphasize the necessary emotional mood of the track, tappings, arpeggios and other “embellishments” in the corresponding tracks decorate the instrumental very well and just add the necessary twist to the bored rhythm pieces, as in track I ‘ve Seen It All. And yes, there is a very good and varied songwriting, because the tracks repeat the choruses of the tracks, but it’s the differences and unexpected moves in the bridges, verses and pre-choruses that make the whole picture of the album like a light-funky piece at the end of the track The Guilty Party, which I consider one of the best on the album just due to its melodiousness and great vocal samples. And, yes, briefly about the vocals: I have no complaints at all, everything is very competently, emotionally and organically composed and performed to the extent that very quickly you start to sing along to the track for the whole apartment.

In general, the album is very well made, as you can see. This is 4.5 out of 5 for me because its attempts of social appeal do not always suit my hearing. However, in everything else it is a really cool release that you shouldn’t really miss if you like core- and alternative- metals. Be sure to listen.

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