Hello again! (and sorry for this tautology in the title)

Today we will go over a good, pleasant and nice album, which for me provided more than worthy listening experience, but for the crowds, English-speaking listeners and fans of the group, the album has gained a rather ambiguous reputation: the album was praised by some and hailed by others. Moreover, discontent of the listeners was justified by maximally commercializing the sound of the album’s songs and the content of its texts. You know me, in terms of such groups, I am more than calm and even sometimes (quite a bit) condescending. Therefore, if we speak specifically and briefly, this album is the quintessence of commercial mainstream pop rock with all its pluses and minuses, which I personally liked rather than not.

So, this time we have Weezer. Again. Not even much time has passed since the time of their previous compilation of covers in the “Teal” album, as the guys finally produced the long-awaited “real” album with the original tracks. I absolutely do not have the slightest understanding of what the fans expected from the album, because there wouldn’t be much to expect from mainstream music, but the current “Black” album pleasantly entertained me and left a pleasant aftertaste, which is already quite good for me personally. The cover of the album, as expected, was almost all black with the only reflections from the light on the black paint that smeared the gentlemen from the group from head to toe. Conceptually, as far as I know and read in any annotation services, it was assumed that the album should have been really dark in its content and significant opposition to the band’s previous self-titled album, “White” one. At the same time, the group decided this time to purposefully make the maximum radio-friendly tracks with the most comfortable and easily digestible sound, which they managed, frankly speaking, to do very well.

It is impossible to say that the blackness of the album is streaming right from all the cracks and if someone expected from this album a really heavy sound and heavy text, then he / she will be disappointed (probably, that is why many listeners are indignant). On the other hand, we must not forget that we are dealing with Weezer and their “unique” vision of various topics. As you understand, for them the blackness of sound and content does not mean the maximum inclusion of overloaded guitars and screaming vocals about aggression, hatred and themes like blood-guts-shit on walls. Instead, the text of the album really points to the dark moments of human nature, which lives in a highly urbanized and consumer-centric society. That is why the album begins with a track about a man making ends meet, who does not like rich people and “white Americans.” Perhaps that is why the text mentions all kinds of “street” earnings, and the chorus of the track is sung in Spanish as a reference to the largest racial minorities in America. Zombie Bastards about the banter over retrogrades and how the hero of the album is annoyed by the “zombies” who still feed on what died. I think there is a good irritation in the direction of the “old school” fans of the group, who today have become the most violent haters. And yes, there are very, very many text inclusions about drug addiction, addictions and the impossibility for the hero of the album to solve their emotional problems in a different way.

At the same time, the text remains firmly light and positive in its mood and is not served as pussy or aggression on everyone and everything. Rather, the text here is more self-ironic and self-critical, but in any case it is presented in the most calm and confident tone, which only emphasizes the real darkness of the topics affected by the text.

From the side of music, we have very cool and catchy choruses in all 10 tracks and almost instantly fading from the head with couplets and bridges. And the reason for all is the fact that, due to its instrumental nature, the album did not leave the stylistic framework of the pop-rock radio tracks from 10-20 years old and it really has nothing to provide something new to the listener’s ear except for some form of entertainment. Most of the melodic content on itself is carried on the vocals, because, as I just said, the chorus of each of the tracks is remembered perfectly and I could sing along to them from the second listening of the corresponding track. Therefore, in addition to interesting synth and guitar inserts, as it was in the final track of California Snow, along with the parodying of modern rappers in the first third of the track, you are unlikely to hear for yourself something truly new and completely interesting. In any case, be that as it may, music in its upbeat, melodic, but traditional pop-rock nature kindly balances with the text and does not allow the listener to plunge into a full depressive mood of constant reminders of drugs, cynicism and difficulties of modern life.

So, like from any other pop rock album, I don’t think you should expect a lot from this release. You will hear good tracks of the “radio 1999-2000” format, where depressive lyrics are still sung with upbeat and funny melodies, you will get good entertainment for half an hour, but no more. For me, this is 3.5 out of 5, since besides its cliche and quick forgetfulness, I can’t criticize it too much, but I think those people who have been looking forward to a really “black and dark album” for a few years from this bad will be concerned (to put it mildly).

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