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Today we’re gonna talk about an album, which for some reason is titled as the first (debut) “album” of these guys despite the fact that their discography has several dozens of different releases. I cannot say that I’ve been waiting for this album, even taking into consideration the fact that I like these guys’ music. I knew that such productivity in terms of musical output cannot always be beneficial for both the artists and their listeners. To be honest, I expected something same these guys were doing initially, but worse in quality. In this regard, I’ve got two news. First, my expectations weren’t met by my listening experience. Second, there is an array of flaws that make me not consider this album one of the best in discography. In other words, if you want to figure out whether you should listen to the album or not, here’s my pov. You definitely should. Still, there are some issues with this release.

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$UICIDEBOY$ – rappers, famous among almost each and every fan of contemporary hip-hop because of their depressive and dark tracks featuring equally dark and depressive instrumentals. In fact, these guys one of the first famous rappers in the genre of depressive/suicidal trap (if can say that, dunno). That’s why they’ve become increasingly popular among the youth because the majority of young people nowadays suffers from anxiety, depression, sadness or certain form of depressive disorder. What is also important about these guys, just like any other rap band coming from Soundcloud, the number of their tracks and releases is enormous. Seriously, just like with the music of Bones, I’ve lost count to their albums long, long ago.

Nonetheless, current album does not significantly lose its quality and doesn’t have any weaker lyrical content in comparison to their previous releases. In general, it was a really pleasant listening experience. As usual, the album’s cover and its title have a certain message; moreover, in majority of cases, these components of their releases were never picked randomly and they directly contributed to the album’s overall content and its conceptual meaning, if you will. The album’s cover features graduation portraits of the guys and the album’s title is “I want to die in New Orleans” (obviously). This is a direct reference to their past in their native city, which has created conditions for them to become anxious, depressive and addicted to drugs. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that initially this album was supposed to be titled “I don’t want to die in New Orleans” in attempt to express their hopes for better future. However, they have made it clear in this album that their latest years have made their lives sometimes even worse than before. That’s why they want to return back home in their album’s title, I guess. One thing is clear, they’ve decided to accept themselves and their past in their music.


The overall conceptual appeal of the album is highly inspired by the aforementioned thoughts about the album’s title. I mean, despite the fact that themes of depression, drugs and suicide never disappeared from their music, the guys offer nostalgic lyrics about their families, friends and their native city along with the wish to come back and die there. In fact, all these memories from the past are present to some extent in majority of songs here. However, I’d also agree with the ones claiming that $uicideboy$ feature the same instrumentation, use the same words and the same flow. In 90% of the cases here, it’s really true tbh.

That’s why let’s review the lyrics of the album, which is being represented by a traditional new-school approach towards constructing them. Here we can see the same triplets, the same slow mumble that is sometimes doesn’t rhyme appropriately. In other words, nothing new, really. What makes the lyrics sound unique is the voice and timbre of each of the guys. In total, we’ve got decent lyrical content, despite the fact that it still features lines about depression, death and drugs. This is illustrated especially clearly in the first half of the album, where the same themes and symbols are being offered over and over.

But, after the track War Time All The Time, we can really see a thematic shift. For example, this particular track creates and image of war veteran suffering from PTSD, which makes him extra violent. That’s why he is pictured as waging his own war even in the peaceful times. Further, we can see the track Coma with its clear Emo-inspired approach towards its meaning because both characters of the lyrics die because of overdose, as they’re not capable of enduring all the challenges of their lives. Another example of a different theme is the track Fuck the Industry, where we can hear a clear diss towards rap-lifestyle. It’s because this lifestyle has messed up their lives and their relationships, even between each other. That’s why it’s sometimes being said in these tracks that their popularity has made their lives even worse than before. In total, I appreciate the fact that the guys have offered us something new to think about and consume; however, I do think that the first half of the album is too repetitive in terms of lyrical meaning.

From musical standpoint it is worth saying that $uicideboy$ have always been creating decent and really unique beats. Moreover, it is true that they have inspired an enormous amount of contemporary beatmakers (especially in the youngest generations). In fact, I cannot say that this album features something different from their traditional works. It is the same good-quality instrumentation just like it was before. Nothing new; that’s why I cannot say that the music itself is the strongest side of the album. As for the vocals, here the guys have offered us something really cool. Instead of rapping in all of their parts, they have started singing over auto-tune with increasing frequency. In simpler words, this album features a lot of singing from both band members. And even taking into consideration the fact that not always the singing parts were good enough (for example, some parts of Ruby really shouldn’t have been included there, as they are all over the place). Still, in tracks like 122 Days or Coma, there are some good vocals. They’re made really great and they contribute to the sad and anxious emotions expressed in the lyrics.

Therefore, if you wanted something new here, look for it in the vocals. As for the instrumentation, it’s okay but there’s nothing nearly close to their previous albums like Now’s the moon rising, Eternal Grey etc.

In total, I’m rather satisfied with the album and I’d rate it 3,5 out of 5 just because of the fact that the instrumentation could have been significantly improved. At the same time, I’m really glad that the album features slightly new messages, new lyrical themes and significantly new approach to composing and performing vocal parts.


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