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, and today we’ll talk about the new  self-titled album by The Ghost Inside, which provokes in me a number of different doubts and crumpled impressions. Moreover, the point is not in the musical or lyrical content itself, but in the events and actions of the group that followed it. In short, the group experienced a serious car accident in 2015, and recovering physically from injuries and despite the disability of some members, continued to work on a new album released most recently this (2020) year. And, it seemed that after such a long pause and after the post-traumatic syndrome, the creative attempts of the guys seemed quite doubtful. But, the album itself was very decent in a number of ways.

As in any other case of the self-titled album, in 2020 the group presents itself anew and uses the current release as a certain introductory card. What is characteristic, the album cover is made from a compilation of various tattoos and drawings of the group’s symbol, which in its own way serves as a symbol of the union of completely different people in love for the band and its music. And the album lyrics directly indicate that, as conceptually, the album was supposed to be positioned as motivating for the best and highest achievements, for unification with other and “different” people and for the constant expression of one’s opinion / vision instead of following someone else’s. But we will return to this in more detail, now we will go over the musical content.

Musically, this album remains balanced on a line between metalcore and melodic hardcore. From the first genre, we have breakdowns and an approach to composing and performing in a seamlessly combined sound. If you listen carefully, you will surely understand that bass guitars and drums knock down with a dense metallic-heavy sound in absolutely all rhythmic structures and patterns. The fullness of the frequency range – from bass and drum thickness to guitar crunchiness and rigidity – just works perfectly in combination with hardcore melodies and vocal parts. Of course, all the melody here is more often being concentrated on the chorus parts, in which the reverberated guitar always emphasizes the emotionality and nervousness of the vocals (both clean and extreme, by the way).

That is, in combination, indeed, there are a lot of self-repetitions here – you might have probably heard similar breakdowns and hardcore polka rhythms many times from the group and from other representatives of the genre. But, on the other hand, you get absolutely everything that you love in the genre. And I will not stop repeating that with the current shortage of high-quality heavy music, this album is really able to deliver the grooviness of guitar parts and even make you emotional and teary in chorus parts, especially during the final of the album.

With the album’s lyrics, everything turns out to be slightly more interesting. Yes, the aforementioned topics of motivation, resistance to all obstacles and toxic people in their form are written in a very sentimental and touching manner. Taking into account the fact that the gentlemen from the group really experienced a very difficult event for themselves, jeopardizing their existence as a musical group, the text of the album is about the fact that the hero of the album “wakes up alive again”, that he is always ready to confront everyone and rise from the ashes like a phoenix and other topics. What are my doubts, you ask?

They are in a recent scandal with a band, over which the bassist Jim Riley was fired. The essence of the problem is that back in 2015, Jim insulted a black man by calling him the N-word. What is interesting, both in 2015 and after the car accident, and in 2020, Jim repeatedly apologized, but the offended person had to bully Riley until he was fired from the band. Now compare the phrase from the album’s track “When it all comes crashing down can you back up every word you’ve said?” with the real state of affairs. Obviously, Jim answered for his words, and the group did not really support him. Therefore, in the light of recent events, the text of the album meaning “I will not bend, I will not break” looks very doubtfully and hypocritically. But, if you pretend that that didn’t happen, you can even draw something motivational or energetic or emotionally meaningful out of the lyrics. It’s hard to pretend, tho.

As a result, the musical experience is very decent in general. Lyrical content does not correspond to reality and spoils the overall impression, eroding the content of the text with a completely different impression – the impression of hypocrisy. On the other hand, if we forget about it and read the text separately from reality, then its emotionality and nervousness can be felt quite well. 4 out of 5 – the album is good, but the atmosphere around it is not very much. Typically, it is this atmosphere that reduces the likelihood of listening to the album again.

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