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Today we will talk about the album of the new-school young rapper, which we haven’t spoken about until now, because for me it was never particularly interesting, but it was interesting to you, ladies and gentlemen. After listening to this release, I can’t say that I was very interested in the album and somehow I remembered it, although I admit that there are some good moments in the album that are never boring for me. Of course, in many respects this is the same American new-school rap album that you could hear from someone else, its only and most important advantage in comparison with other releases of competitors in the genre is that it does not strain your ears. As a result, the album itself is mediocre, but it is quite pleasant to listen to it.

Ski Mask (Ski Mask the Slump God) – a young American rapper with an interesting name Stokeley (sorry if I say wrong), is known among fans of new-school rap, as one of the most promising freshmen according to everything and everyone and is also known for his close friendship with XXXTENTACION, which at one time benefited the careers of both of these guys. As I said above, I don’t have much to say about his previous work, because I wasn’t interested in him. In this regard, the fact that Ski Mask very rarely appeared in some scandals, beefs or absurd stories and news, which is a plus for me, is also encouraging, because the guy was more interested in being a good writer and performer instead of being a walking meme or clown.

His debut album is so called “Stokeley”, which for me was at first a bit of a strange word, but upon learning of the real name of Ski Mask, everything immediately fell into place. As with any other similar title of debut albums, this approach serves as some kind of greeting card for the music of this artist. And in general, it works more than successfully, it says, “here I am, here is my music, here are my words and my messages” In general, it is far from the strongest and not the most original concept of the album, the title (but the cover art is stylish, really), but sometimes it is better to make it easier and not to make a clash of absurd and surreal symbols that mean nothing. Ski Mask, says with this title that in this release there will be his personal image in music and his own representation of himself and the world around him.

And, in general, Ski Mask more than adequately represents rather good lyrics for each of the tracks. Of course, for the most part, the content of the tracks is about whores, drugs, syrup, about cursing haters and other relevant cliche topics. However, Ski Mask presents all these already overused themes in a slightly polished form. Polished with symbolism and some artistry. That is, we cannot see here the stupid lyrics of flex-hustle type like “I came, I took my gun, she wants to fuck me etc. Here, comparisons like “I will send them into the air, like team R” or “I’m in a Phantom, like Danny” or “My diamonds are wetter than Davy Jones’ chest” – that is, there are a lot of references to popular media, animation and anime. And about the track Nuketown, referring to the name of the multiplayer card in Call of Duty, I won’t say any word.

As a result, the text is more than successful for new-school rap, is quite understandable and contains a good share of artistry and symbolism, which already serves as a good sauce for chewing on those street-husle-narco-porn lines that come from one rapper to another regardless of their language, nation and skin color.

The music here is the same story. The balance between bangers with overloaded bass and aggressive rapping, similar to chants and RnB ballads reminiscent of some of the works of Brockhampton, even though they lack that level of diversity and musicality. Generally, frankly, Ski Mask himself sings and raps more than well, he successfully combines triple flow and old school patterns in the rapping so that it doesn’t bother to listen and doesn’t make you scream once again that all the modern rappers sound the same. There is no such thing, thanks for that already. The vocals here fill almost 85-90 percent of all tracks, which does not always work to the benefit of the album. Of course, the Ski Mask’s rapping itself is cool, but there should also have been somewhat deeper instrumental details (I would like to).

Generally, beats and instrumentals disappointed. Honestly, really decent hooks in the tracks Unbothered, Get Geeked and Reborn to Rebel sound empty just because there is practically no melodic support from the instrumental. There is only rhythmics, chaotic hi-hats, a booming kick and synthesized bass, which come okay in some cases and in some cases they make no sense whatsoever. I don’t know how about you, but personally I would like something much multi-layered and more diverse in the instrumental for the track to come and be remembered not only because of Ski Mask rapping, but also because of the work of the beatmakers, too. I also have a claim to almost all feats except the track Save Me, Pt.2, in which Austin Lam sings painfully similar to The Weeknd, but together this whole thing sounds emotionally and pleasantly. The rest of the fears is a failure imo. Either busting with hoarseness and aggression, as in the track Nuketown or busting with autotune sound, as in the track Far Gone, where Lil Baby tries to sound like T-Pain, but it turns out not very good, to say the least.

Therefore, in the end, the album is mediocre enough not to be outstanding and memorable, but not primitive and gray enough for it to annoy the listener. Personally, it comes to me with a bang during my everyday affairs, especially during walks or work-outs. Therefore, more than 3 out of 5 will not work here, sorry.

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