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Today we’re going to talk about another example of a young band playing metalcore or melodic metalcore, whatever you call it. Personally, I heard these guys’ music for the first time on one of my livestreams on my Russian-speaking youtube channel, when one of their tracks has been requested for playing on the stream. I gotta admit, I did not expect that I’d like the track simply because of the fact that I’m quite skeptic towards young metalcore bands, their names and titles of their albums (that’s me, u know). Nonetheless, after listening to this album, I’ve had another fear – I was afraid that the rest of the tracks would sound as a monotonous and mediocre bs. To be honest, these fears didn’t come true (which I’m more than happy about); however, there’re still some issues with this album that I’d like to address.

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So, this time we’re reviewing the album of Our Hollow, Our Home – British young band, which I was not aware of at all. Having further dug deeper into YouTube and having checked their statistics, I understood that it was quite unsurprising that I didn’t know about their existence at all (because I’m a hypebeast that focuses on trendy albums most of the time). Nonetheless, it’s not like these guys and their album have something outstanding and something that makes them different from the rest of the bands in this genre from the first glance. These are simple dudes playing metalcore, which is understandable because they’re yet to gain sufficient level of popularity for the masses to speak something concrete about them. Correspondingly, this time we’ll be checking them by their results.

And the result is their latest album that is titled “In Moment // In Memory”, which I somewhat like because I appreciate their idea of putting these diagonal slashes in tracks’ and album’s titles. To be honest, this makes the tracks pop up and draws attention, at least for me. Also, I’m more than satisfied with the cover art of the album despite the fact that it reminds me of the Jagermeister lanel (maybe because of the similar crosses and similar drawing style overall). In general, the cover art and the album’s title depict rather simple story that is delivered quite well, as it honestly speaks about the themes of imminence of death, losses and a wish of album’s protagonist to live and finding some meaning in life despite these depressive messages.

From musical standpoint, I gotta admit that it’s more than decently made. I like the guitar parts that transition from dissonances to low-string grooves that dominate the majority of melodic content. I also appreciate the fact that this album are featuring guitar parts as their center-points in music, despite the fact that the latest releases tend to position their guitar parts as rhythmic supporters for the vocals delivering main melodic structures and licks. To be more specific, if taken tracks like In Moment, Disconnect, Love//Loss, Weight & Carriage – you’ll definitely find at least one really interesting guitar lick or riff that will be memorable and will be present only in this specific track. As for songwriting on this album, it’s more traditional because the drum parts, rhythmic patterns and the overall structure of the tracks represent nearly cliche approach to composing metalcore that was actual in the middle of 2000s; nonetheless, I don’t really think that it’s that bad for this album because otherwise, this album would be rather hard to associate with metalcore genre.

On the contrary, I’ve got several issues with the vocals on this record. The clean vocals delivers great performances and massively contributes to the melodic content of the album in each and every track; though, I don’t like the fact that it has been pitch-corrected and mixed down similar to 90% of metal- and alternative music out there. For example, the same vocal sound was present on last Good Charlotte’s album. As for the extreme vocals, there’s the opposite situation. It sounds really emotionally and aggressively, sometimes even delivering good visceral feeling to it. It has also been structured well, so that it cannot be found as redundant in any of the tracks. However, due to the fact that it focuses on almost the same growl sound, it makes the tracks rather boring sometimes because we hear the same screaming sound over and over again, which creates the feeling of a noisy mess transitioning to the clean vocal parts.

Still, I admit that I’m being too picky with the albums (99% of the reviews it is the case) and I admit that these issues would not be bothering the majority of the listeners. At the same time, I appreciate the sincerity and honesty in performing the music tracks because we can easily hear that these guys really enjoy what they’re doing. It’s true that there’s not much in terms of originality of the content; however, they’ve succeeded in playing with the best characteristics of metalcore and putting a really solid sound in total.


As for the lyrics, there’s the same story most of the time. I like the honesty of these guys in their attempt to depict really depressive, anxious and rather unpleasant emotional issues that are rather hard to endure and even harder to fight. I like the fact that the text is being delivered in either symbolic form like in the track In Moment “Take a seat and watch my world come crashing down
They’ll be searching for survivors, where none can be found”. I also like this particular track because a certain portion of the lyrics depicts the feeling of loneliness and anxiety as an airplane crash, when a person is led to imminent death but he can do nothing about it. On the other hand, the lyrics feature sincere stories like it is in Parting Gift “Just wait for a sign, And the pain in your heart will die, But I can’t lie, no, It never leaves, it never leaves, It just gets easier with time”. Really self-explanatory and quite touching, which I liked about this track.

All in all, just like I’ve said in my previous reviews, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel in order to compose a great record. In contemporary music, there’s not much new can be performed and composed; however, a band can at least deliver their own honest sound and sincere messages. Under such conditions, I can care less about quite mediocre screaming part in rare cases, autotuned vocals and cliche drum parts. Nevertheless, I’d recommend this album for listening if you’re looking for a new metalcore album. 4 out of 5.

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