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I remember very well about Black Tongue and other albums I planned to do reviews for. Nevertheless, I also remember very well that for a long time among the reviews I did not have pop music, and from one of the most interesting and easily recognizable artists of our time. Surely even the most inveterate pop music haters could hear about this singer and her songs, because they really gained popularity on a large scale and in a relatively short time. Moreover, I still like her previous album very much and consider it her best so far, which I cannot say completely about this release, with which everything is just as qualitative and emotional, but not so interesting anymore. Why so? Let’s try to figure it out together.

So, this is LP with her next release, following the stunning album Lost On You, which turned out to be the first in her career, which gathered a good audience, and, of course, a correspondingly good revenue. I listened to this album for a really long-long time for the simple reason that songwriting and her interesting vocal timbre were more than sufficient to compensate for a rather simple and sometimes even primitive instrumental consisting of three chords on a guitar or ukulele. What is the most paradoxical, this album was 4th in her discography, but the first to bring her such success. In short, what I want to say, the album Lost On You is really worth listening to – it’s very, very decent, even today.

This release is called “Heart to Mouth”. Its cover art is a photo of LP herself, which has always been with the covers of her other releases. The photo is really stylish and thanks for that. In general, behind the album title you can see the content of 90% of the songs on this album. That is, the album is more about melodramatic stories of parting and unequal emotional relationships. Again, such messages and motifs serve as a general leitmotif of the works of LP, because they also were similarly telling about the parting, goodbyes and the inability to love once again and come to relationships with new force and enthusiasm.

I can’t say that in this album this message is presented in a somewhat different way and from different perspectives and sides. In fact, out of 12 tracks, 8-9 tracks contain a text like “you left, I can’t live without you, but I don’t want you to come back, etc.”. Of course, this text is often a bit sprinkled with various artistic details that do not make this text so literal, but in most cases it really hits with its directness. Taking into account that these lyrics were rarely mixed by something more interesting in terms of messages and symbols, I cannot really say that the album’s lyrics are its strongest side.

Perhaps it was such a textual illustration of personal experiences of LP about various romantic issues and problems that she wanted to express. Nevertheless, I would like to either have more symbolism or less straightforward lyrics, which describe slightly different stories about painful relationship issues that people want to get rid of. And yes, I know that tracks like Dreamcatcher, Dreamer, House on Fire are trying to do just that, however, they have little effect on the overall textual content of the album.

From a musical point of view, everything is also quite homogeneous and static, which is not always beneficial for the album in terms of its originality. Of course, the vocals of LP herself I still consider to be cool and technical being one of the most original in pop music today. Nevertheless, she often messes too much with the pitches and their volumes, when the vocals often sound like some bird’s cry, which is especially audible in the track Dreamer, when almost the entire chorus of this track is presented in such almost screaming manner. I missed some diversity in vocals similar to the album Lost on You because in fact, in each of the tracks on that album, the vocals were slightly different in mood and sound. Here – it is often too screaming and overly emotional, which was not always pleasant to listen to, if to be completely honest.

Nevertheless, one cannot say that the musical album is somewhat weak, no. Tracks like When I’m Over You, Girls Go Wild, House on Fire, Shaken sound very cool, they have good songwriting and most of them are better and groovy RnB-ish or close to folk-rock approach, which balances melodramatic and even depressive texts. It is precisely these moments that were remembered most of all – everything else was either too hysterical or too one-sidedly sad. Which, again, does not quite add to the positive listening experience. Although, in some places, her trademark whistle in choruses and post-chorus saves the day, really.

In any case, as with everything else, I overthink too much about one or another component of the album and find the album more than decent. The mere fact that, preparing for this review, I managed to listen to the album thoroughly about 10 times (this is a lot for me, yes) already serves as a good indicator of that. I think for fans this album will be quite a good release to take a break from the diversity of the album Lost on You. For me, it can too easily become background music losing interest over the previous album, again. Therefore, 3.5 out of 5.

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