Villain of the Story – Ashes, Album Review 

Hello again and welcome to another album review!

Today we’re going to review an album, which serves as a clear example of my words regarding the metalcore genre. Recently, on my Russian-speaking YouTube channel, my subscribers asked me why does this genre fall down in quality and creativtiy. I replied: “that’s because the metalcore genre is dead already and the biggest majority of young bands are only beating the dead horse, trying to grab some of the listeners’ attention”.

It is necessary to keep in mind that contemporary metalcore scene only exists because of the old bands. That’s because of the fact that they managed to create something different and more creative in this genre, while the rest was playing generic breakdowns and guitar riffs. As for the current album, I really hope that these guys will eventually find their own approach and their own sound based on metalcore style. For now, their album is mediocre at best. Let me explain, why.

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