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Today we will talk about the album, which shows some transformation of the progressive-deathcore band into something lighter and more understandable to the mass listener without significant drawdown in the heaviness and deathcore-ish sound. Of course, nobody wants to play palm-muted open strings until the end of his days, which is why this release is a slightly different approach to progressive core. Frankly speaking, on the whole, this release made a pleasant impression and I would like to recommend it to all heavy music lovers who did not like the crushing riffs of previous releases of the band. If you prefer a heavier and more technical version of this gang, then you may have some doubts about this album. In any case, from my side the album looks more than worthy. Now I will try to explain why.

I am familiar with the Americans of Born of Osiris in a rather fragmented way, but I know that the Discovery album in the discography is the default for any lover progressive deathcore music, precisely because in 2011 there was no stronger group that only with the use of palm-muted open strings riffs could give really sensible sound and interesting content. That is precisely why further albums were often perceived by listeners as repeating the approach of that release only without some necessary “spark” or something. Naturally, I myself listened to their further work only in chunks and they did not seem to me much higher than the quality and content of The Discovery. Moreover, looking ahead, I dare to note that even this release does not quite cope with the task of being better than that album. Nevertheless, it follows a slightly different approach to building music content, which is already good.

The album is called “Simulation”, and on the cover art we have a black human figure pulling a hand toward a huge white egg cell. Seriously, I didn’t quite understand what was in it that connects it with the general content of the album, and why it is called “Simulation”, because the text shows almost nothing on such topics. Most likely, the cover itself shows some human image that stretches to the light and to some better existence for itself, and the fact that it is black may mean that it should not be in this “bright” world in any way. As a result, as usual, if someone from the readers and viewers of the future review will have thoughts on why the album may be so called, I will be very glad to know your opinion.

By itself, the release is short, and it seems like the continuation of this release is expected soon, which can somehow tell us further what the meaning and content of the album is. In this regard, I am still waiting for Despacito 2, and no one is dropping it even in spite of the fact that even Trump promised its release. But I digress, as usual. With the textual content of the album, almost everything is clear, we have here mostly messages like my beloved “rally and resist” and symbols from the category “I am strong, I am bold, I don’t know what to give up and I don’t know what is “bold”. Naturally, I am exaggerating and joking but, in fact, the text is much less straightforward and I appreciate that a lot. It portrays the emotional and physical wanderings of the main image of the album from side to side and from one extreme to another. The main symbol here is dark, depressed and full of dark themes hero, who is trying to lay down his own happiness from this whole garbage and overcome it for as long as possible.

This is illustrated mainly in the choruses, as in Cycles of Tragedy: “Inside the back-and-forth / Between the emptiness / Is the place I long to be / Another shot at destiny” or in the track Silence the Echo: “These impurities take a hold of me / Refuse to concede / I need to seek clarity”. In fact, this is far from the worst way of presenting motivational themes in heavy music, but from this band I still expected a little bit of old occult or religious themes or symbolism, which previously made the band stand out from similar groups. Nevertheless, it is such a text that will be clearer to the mass listener of metal and core, which is also not bad – not all the fans and listeners should solve puzzles.

Musically, we have progressive metalcore, in which the prefix “death” has finally disappeared, because now we don’t really hear anything close to deathcore in this release. On the part of the guitars, the heaviness and density of the overall guitar sound was significantly reduced. The guitars on the album sound as if they were cut in low and medium frequencies, which is especially audible in rhythm parts, which again could be much more groove and heavy. The sound of the percussion was tuned and mixed as usual with the simplest preset from Superior Drummer and in fact the rhythm pieces of the guitars and the drum parts repeated each other by 90%, which did not always serve to the benefit of the whole album.

Much more fun there is with the solo-pieces and the overall melodic approach of the album. Plus, let’s not forget that the guys didn’t cease playing riffs at breaking and irregular intervals, even though it was more clearly heard in the second part of the album, after the instrumental interlude “Recursion”, where with the progressiveness of the overall instrumental is more straightforward than with melodic content. Before this interlude, we see a completely opposite picture.

Additionally, let’s not forget that the choruses of almost each of the tracks are very well-written and very, very much in the music content is tied to the vocals the keyboard player Joe, who, with his “clean” extreme, sings the corresponding parts quite decently and interestingly. Moreover, this is why I consider the album a bit more recognizable among others, and probably for the first time I had the feeling of a properly structured songwriting in this album. On the other hand, without the increased pace and technicality, the band doesn’t sound as aggressive as I would like.

Still, in the end, the loss in aggressiveness will play for the benefit of the group (in my opinion), because with this album the group may well attract a lot more listeners than with earlier releases with more technical and progressive content. On the other hand, I would like a lot more aggressiveness from the album and a much deeper or at least surreal content in the text. In any case, this is a decent album, which is really nice to listen to. Therefore, 3.5 out of 5.

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