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Today we will talk about the album, which belongs to the group “best for jumping in the crowd at live concerts”, although I admit that it sounds very good in headphones too. Surprisingly, I did not expect such an improvement in sound and content after the frankly failed previous album, which was just uncomfortable to listen to and it really caused intestinal colic. In contrast, this album focuses more on its deathcore basis, rather than on a purely rapcore sound, and I appreciate this a lot, especially taking into account the fact that we’re not getting any “pure” deathcore of decent level. And yes, don’t get me wrong, I will not be praising the album in vain, because it’s still the same monotonous and sometimes boring group, which nevertheless tried to represent something more or less digestible from their usual style.

In short, this is Attila – a metal band from Atlanta, which has always been known for its very special breakdown music, different types of screaming and growl + a good level of rapping, which in combination often gave itself quite sensible outcome in terms of music. However, with the latest releases, the guys decided to do more rapcore-inspired instrumentala, combining it with a frankly primitive rap about hustle-sex-attacks on haters, for which it was, to put it mildly, quite embarrassing to listen to. With the current album, the group decided to turn around to the opposite, metal-and-deathcore side and provide more than a successful core-based album, as I’ve said before.

Our album is called “Villain”, and on the cover art we finally see the familiar letter “A”, approximately like the Architects’, but not quite (by the way, those that didn’t particularly differ in the style of the album covers in most cases). However, purely aesthetically, I like this black-and-white glitchy style of graphics in the cover, which in my opinion underlines some rudeness and “rawness” of this album. The name “Villain” follows the track of the same name and is emphasized by the intro track Perdition, which clearly says “I destroy everything I touch and in general I am a villain and help me ples”. If you look closely at the topics of the texts, you can easily trace this image of a dissolute alcoholic drug addict who doesn’t care about everyone except another sex doll or a dose of drugs. Moreover, after the album, he appears as the most toxic in personal relationships and ready to drag anyone into this toxicity.

And the text more than corresponds to this conceptual message and reveals it quite explicitly, because the first two tracks we hear the text about parties full of orgies and overdoses, then we stumble upon the track Toxic, where the album’s protagonist specifically says that “your toxicity for me is nothing” and in the final of the album, he creates such an emotional abyss for everyone around him, constantly reminding them that “he is a real monster”. I don’t know, maybe the guys managed to do this by chance, but the chronology of the text from track to track just outlines the really worsening regress of the protagonist of the album as a person. And yes, as you understand, I will not quote the text specifically because it contains either outright pornography or primitive clichés stating that “I am an enemy to myself and others, save me” But it is already necessary to pay tribute to the group for the fact that they managed to link all this text with one semantic thread, although, again, I do not exclude that I could’ve imagined this out of the blue of something that did not exist.

I don’t have so many complaints about the music, except that it uses absolutely all possible and overused metal- and deathcore approaches and methods for the construction of the instrumental. With vocals, we have about the same situation – screaming, growls, singalong choirs and chants, rapping in screaming – we all heard it very, very many times from both Attila and from other bands of this kind. That is why, you probably already heard breakdowns in 90 percent of the tracks somewhere else, like the main riff of the Toxic track, which I remember previously hearing from some metalcore or melodet gang, but never remembered which one it was.

On the other hand, the guys did not reinvent the wheel, but simply took the methods already proven by years to compose and perform core-music, which will surely be very cool to rock live at concerts. And yes, in spite of the already beaten melodic moves, I liked this particular approach in the tracks like Blackout, Still About it and It is what it is specifically. I am glad that the guys gave a very basic, but effective vocal and instrumental performance, which can be perfectly and exclusively used to beat your head against the wall.

As a result, as I said, Attila jumped much higher, stronger and faster than it was in the previous album, providing it with quite a good semantic content and quite working, angry and aggressive instrumentals and vocals. And although nothing super-new and super-interesting was provided to us, this is 3.5 out of 5 because such core music solely for mosh was not given to us for very, very long time.

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