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And now we will talk about the album, which would be strange to miss, and keep silent about it too. It is clear that in its content, not much can be told and analyzed in this release, but I would still like to suggest you listen to it for one simple reason. This album, like no other in such a way, is really made with soul and love, because it was heard that the band itself enjoyed writing and performing the good old songs of the 80s and 90s. And yes, this album also offers a reason to re-listen once again the originals, if you forgot them and listen to the originals, if you have not listened to music of the 80s and 90s.

This is Weezer – American rockers, known for their work since the end of the 90s, with a huge range of tracks and albums, to which the public and critics treat differently and each of the sub-groups of listeners is waiting either for an old-kind rock sound, or a more or less light sound close to indie rock. Generally, to be completely honest, this release was an accident (again, as far as I know), because It was originally planned for the release of Black Album by the group in the early spring of this year – that is, it was a planned “normal” release. Nevertheless, thanks to the memes and twitter, a few months ago, a cover appeared on the track Africa, which is considered to be one of the old-school pop-rock tracks, very common due to memes. As a result, the cover had a very good success among the public, and the guys obviously decided that they could beat the whole album with covers to old songs and arrange such a disco from the 80s-90s.

So yes, this album is called “Teal”, as can be seen from the color of the album cover, which shows the actual band in the style of the 80s-90s. Personally, the cover reminded me of the GTA Vice City video game, where the characters were dressed in a very similar way. That is, as we see from the cover art and the general message that it conveys, the album will contain tracks from the 80s-90s, and the group will sing and play them in their usual manner, and without losing the feeling of nostalgia for the time in which I never did not live.

As is clear from the tracklist of this album, it contains 10 covers of classic pop, rock, rnb tracks from twenty and thirty years ago. Tellingly, each of these tracks sounds as close as possible to the original, except for the track No Scrubs, which in the original sounds like any other pop / rnb track from the late 90s. Here, almost each of the covers largely repeats the original, making it clear that even nowadays these tracks are still relevant in sound and content. Of course, one can argue that the originals are more authentic and stronger, but I personally appreciated reduced pathos and drama in the cover of Everybody wants to rule the world, smooth playing from guitarists and even vocals on the Paranoid track that for me sounds stronger today in comparison with the original and the track No Scrubs sounded completely new in the pop-rock sound.

As a result, as you can see, there is not so much that can be discussed and told, one can only turn on and enjoy how nostalgia for old Western music fills absolutely every fiber of the soul. Naturally, nothing particularly original, but it was done with an understanding of the matter and as a result gives a very good charge of positive emotions, which I personally lacked in the music releases of recent months and years. Yes, it’s covers, and yes, in some places it they’ve got their weaknesses, but from me 3.5 out of 5 is fully deserved. And yes, of course, we expect a “normal” album soon.

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